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Security Forum 2013, an Unmissable Meeting Point, Comes to Life

This event, organized by Peldaño, will show new business models to security companies and professionals. The forum will be held on April 17th and 18th, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.


 Under the main lines of innovation and experience, Peldano is hosting Security Forum, April 17th and 18th, introducing a whole new and groundbreaking format aimed at the security sector. This gathering intends to stimulate the interchange of knowledge and networking. This international event will be held at the CCIB (International Convention Center) in Barcelona, which will host two days of conferences, product exhibition and debate.

According to the current socioeconomic situation and the security market needs, Security Forum offers a brand new format breaking with old standards and allowing companies to save money and optimize costs. This will be an affordable and democratic event: all companies will be able t take part of it with the same conditions, whatever their size and importance may be, thanks to modular-turnkey spots and a concentrated in time and space event, which will allow attendees and companies to reduce transportation of personnel costs. Taking place in a single space, users will find easier to contact providers, current and future customers, meet entrepreneurs and have access to new and emerging trends and proposals.

Thanks to this new format, which is being proved with big success in other countries, Peldano will be able to offer the security sector a new business model, a new space fit for networking and meetings between security professionals, where appearances won’t matter. The focus will be on providing the chance to interchange experiences, new business opportunities and security new technologies understanding, as well as a whole protection and prevention new product exhibition.

Security Forum comes to life with a mission to “create revitalizing conditions to the security ecosystem, as well as reinforcing the business fabric and entrepreneur initiatives within the sector”, explains Ignacio Rojas, CEO at Peldano, who stressed the innovative nature of this event. “In such a socioeconomic context it is necessary to come up with new flexible and aim-oriented solutions. That’s why Security Forum takes a major step forward in creativity and innovation”, he assures.

Also, Rojas highlights the international reach of this forum, as companies and professionals of bordering countries will take part of it: “we live in a globalized society, security importance goes beyond own frontiers and should be treated under a more global and wider point of view. We want the forum to reflect this breadth of vision and place on record what’s going on our sector on a global basis”.

Visitors will be granted access to four different areas: Forum (debate space for professionals between recognized experts, whose conferences will be presented in different formats). Display (product, ideas, innovation, projects and services exhibition, presented in dynamic spots which will allow attendees to discover new trends and business opportunities). Forum Talks (speak corners, places to debate previously discussed ideas and a place for new developments, ideas and innovations to be introduced). And Start, which will allow interaction and feedback through social media during the whole event.

Security Forum, a place where prevention and security experts will gather and new commercial offers, both national and international, will be displayed, will also stand out as a knowledge and innovation meeting point, as well as a business and commercial platform in which to share and participate. The exhibition will be divided in different display areas: CCTV, systems integration, physical security, access control, IP/Network, protection against intrusion or burglary and fire protection.

Only professional attendees will be allowed into the forum: qualified visitors, decision makers or sales advisers, with the capacity to invest in product, equipment, services and solutions for their companies. These professionals will find at Security Forum, in one single space, a place for debate, networking and finding new trends, products and services. This event is aimed at reinforcing direct contact, optimizing time and costs, and stimulates professional relations. Security Forum is the right place to interchange knowledge, thanks to its conferences and debate spaces, as well as a unique opportunity to introduce innovative projects.



Dates: April, 17th & 18th, 2013.

Schedule: From 10:00 h to 18:30 h.

Location: Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB).

Pza.Willy Brandt, 11-14 / 08019 Barcelona.

Frequency: Annual.

Attendees: Security professionals only.

Organizer: Peldano.

More information and contact:,, Tel.: +34 91 476 80 00


About Ediciones Peldano

Within the last 25 years, Peldano, organiser of Security Forum, has published and developed magazines within different market niches in which companies were asking for a channel to reach their users and readers. Nowadays, Peldano publishes more than 18 magazines related to different sectors: Security (with publications such as Cuadernos de Seguridad or Instalsec), Hospitality, Tourism, Education and Dental Care. Peldano, through its magazines, offers innovative, useful and imaginative solutions, that help you reach your target, placement in the market and improve your company’s and products/services’ image.



For more information, please send your e-mails to

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