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Michael L Jang, CEO of Neugent

Neugent provides total security solutions with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other security solution providers from all over the world to complete the gaps in their product line-up, reduce development operating costs and ultimately increase end-user purchase revenues. Neugent, headquartered in California, the U.S.A., began its mark in the security industry with the development of the Linux-based PC and embedded DVR systems and integrated application and network systems. Since its founding, the firm has produced sales across the United States and the Asian region demonstrating its rapid acceptance in the marketplace. SecurityWorld INT’s reveals its aggressive marketing strategies and anticipation of the DVR market in an interview with Michael L Jang, CEO of Neugent.

By Sunny Kim



How would you like to describe Neugent?


Neugent is a joint-venture company whose passion is in the field of digital multimedia communications solutions. We are a young company, but we believe that we will be a global player in this field that we have chosen.  We believe in this because we have the technology and people, who are highly motivated, creative and intelligent.  Being young also makes us very hungry to succeed.





In today’s hotly contested business environment, what is your competitive edge?


Our competitive edge lies in the synergy of how we do business.  Since our founding, our R&D Center in the Philippines has provided customized digital video surveillance solutions to customers worldwide.  Our company is composed of a team of highly motivated engineers, who have more than 10 years in the industry. By maximizing digital technology from Korea and low-cost manufacturing in China, we ensure delivery of high quality products that have the most value for the customers.

Also, a big percentage of the DVR market is developing Windows-based solutions.  We are building Linux solutions which are optimized, robust and very reliable; but still very user-friendly.


You have been manufacturing in low cost counties like China.  What are the plans in this respect in the future?


Our core hardware comes from Korea because Korea is the one of the global leaders of the digital technology and this is something we want to maximize and build solutions on to share with people around the world.  In China, we manufacture accessories only, such as remote controllers and LCDs for our stand-alone DVRs.


How do you anticipate the DVR industry in five years’s time?


DVR industry is growing rapidly and will become a double digit billion dollar industry in the next five years.  And with the emergence of new technologies and increasing IP connectivity, the face of digital video surveillance will change to offer networked solutions and even, integrated solutions; to reduce total cost of ownership.  In the next five years, the DVR industry will largely penetrate the homes and residential markets; yet digital video solutions will still remain prevalent in enterprises, commercial and finance establishments, real estate facilities, and homeland and government facilities.


What threats to your business can you see, if any, in the foreseeable future?


The major threat that we face is software (and possibly hardware) piracy.  Right now, there are several fake DVR cards in the market and these are putting a big wrench in the way we do business. 




Sunny Kim is editor of SecurityWorld INTL. Send your comments to


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