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VSST,Bringing Security in Line with the Mobile Era

VSST, established early 2001 in Korea, is a specialist in mobile streaming technology. Seeing the security industrys future in wireless mobile technology, VSST CEO Min-Suk So set up the company to supply real-time mobile monitoring solutions. The security industry has been moving from analog to digital and it is expected to ultimately migrate to ubiquitous technology, which enables security monitoring anytime and anywhere. VSST is one of the companies who can help bring the day sooner. In an interview with Jeanny Lim, Editor of SecurityWorld INT?, CEO So talks about VSST, mobile streaming technology, and the security market.

By Jeanny Lim



Min-Suk So, CEO, VSST  (Photo by Sam Jang)

Tell us about some of the products the company is focusing on strategically.   


Some of the hardware products we are strategically focusing on are 1 channel VR-110A for small-scale site, VR-150 for personal monitoring, 4 channel VR-150A for mid-scale site.  For software product we have personal monitoring and small-scale site SVR series.  The benefit of this software is that there are a lot of ways to use this software for personal mobile solutions.  



What are some of the important projects you have been involved in the recent past?    


In Korea, we launched mobile real-time service nationwide, which includes iTBS real-time mobile streaming service, nationwide CCTV real-time Mobile streaming service, user defined travel routes panorama CCTV video service, panorama service for the most efficient rout for users departure/destination, KBS radio music channel mobile broadcast service, 10 music exclusive channel mobile broadcasting service, FIMM SkyLife satellite TV mobile broadcasting service.  Also we are working with one of the largest internet service providers to enter mobile monitoring market.  Internationally we are using Ubiquitous Sensor Gateway to enter USN market and carrying out 3 big projects using this product.  Also we are preparing to start a mobile streaming service in the U.S.A., China, Brazil and Mexico.      



What are the biggest attractions of mobile monitoring technology, to your mind?   


The biggest attraction is usefulness.  Today, most people have a mobile phone and mobile phones are the easiest way to use Internet or any hi-tech services.  Therefore, we believe that security monitoring through mobile phones should dramatically increase user convenience because mobile phones are always with people.



How useful can mobile and wireless technology be in meeting ever-sophisticated security needs?   


 VSST believes the security market, including CCTV and DVR market is becoming highly saturated, thus bringing new IT mobile and wireless technology to the security market is vital in diversifying the range of services and products.  With the mobile and wireless environment, the security market will make further advancements and can converge with new markets such as home automation and ubiquitous network and control.  So, I think mobile and wireless technology gives a new boost to the industry.



Could you tell us some of the competitive edges that differentiate VSST from other competitors?   


We have experiences in providing mobile streaming solutions services to SKT and KTF, Korea? two largest mobile operators.  The experiences and knowledge weve got from the projects are very valuable when expanding into the international market.  We specifically developed our product and technology based on our deep understanding of market needs.  While others were looking into JPG or MJPEG-based solutions, we knew we had to go straight to MPEG4 and video images in order to be competitive in the market with low price.  The customers these days have very high demands and delicate taste for technology, and they will not be interested in something that doesn? meet their expectations.



What do you think is the next challenge facing you for further growth?   


 We need to educate the industry about the advantages of our solutions and make the customers feel more comfortable with our products.  Our solutions are highly technical and some of them are very hard for the consumers to understand at first as the nature of the technology is pretty sophisticated.  We must overcome those barriers by creating precise applications to meet user needs and make them feel easy with our solutions.  Also even though we have technological edges, we cannot guarantee that we will be the all time winner because nothing lasts forever and past glory does not mean future success.  We have to continue our innovation and move swiftly to keep up with the changing market needs.



How do you see the future of CCTV monitoring?   


The security market is migrating from analogue to digital and it will ultimately move to ubiquitous.  Security solutions that allow people to do monitoring anytime and anywhere will dominate the market.


Please introduce to us VSSTs management philosophy.  What could be the driving force that made the company what it is today?   


We are not only pursuing profits, but trying to create mobile multimedia and ubiquitous systems that can help protect the environment, save energy and give comfort and safety to all.  To do that, VSST will become an expert in analyzing the environment and always be ready for the next step.



How would you rate your companys performance in 2004 and 2005 and what influenced this performance?    


2004 was the year to test, optimize, and expand our products.  We worked as a solutions provider with many mobile services providers such as KTF and SKF, which gave us experiences and know-how in working in the mobile environment.  These experiences were very valuable because the projects involved the most advanced network (CDMA/EVDO) and thus gave us a huge help when integrating and applying our solutions in other countrys network.
2005 was the year of structuring and organizing the company, and then entering the market, especially the international market.  We performed heavy testing in the U.S., Japan, South East Asia and many other environments and were able to produce desirable outcome.  Thanks to the experience and test results, we could be able to find representatives in the U.S. and partners in Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and create several business opportunities which we are pursuing this year. 



Jeanny Lim is Editor-in-Cheif of SecurityWorld INTL.  Send your comments to




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