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<MAY, Issue, 2009>
Cover Story :
Don’t Worry, Be Networked
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Marathons Go Hi-tech
Marathons use RFID technology to track runners along the course. You might think that running a 26.2 mile marathon is about the most difficult human activity. It isn’t. Rather, it’s keepin...

Chinese Video Server Revenues Surge
The market for video servers in China increased by 60% in 2007.

Disaster Supply Kit
Families and individuals can plan in advance for emergencies by preparing a disaster supply kit that includes enough items needed for each family member to survive a minimum of three days.

Is Our Telecommunications Infrastructure Secu...
Security is paramount to the telecommunications industry but companies face unique challenges in implementation because of the way they are structured. Telecommunication companies are a cri...

Safer Olympic Venue
MATE Intelligent Video secures the Bird’s Nest during 2008 Olympic Games in China.

Billions Wasted on Loss Prevention Technologi...
To tackle the problem of shrinkage, retailers spend billions on technologies.

Workplace Violence
The costs associated with workplace violence easily surpass millions of dollars annually. With these staggering figures, workplace violence is an issue that all businesses should heed and t...

Milestone establishes offices in Australia an...
Milestone Systems, the open platform company within IP video management software, has set up subsidiaries in Australia and Spain to support continued long-term business growth in these regions.

Better Together
Combining threat detection and assessment provides maximum protection.Threat detection immediately followed by effective threat assessment can mean the difference between securing a critical...

Fireproof Property is Here
Luxury condo meets its match with high-end fire protection system.The construction of Endeavour Clear Lake marked the first waterfront high-rise condominium in Bay Area Houston, Texas, the U...

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