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Security Parts & Devices

We realized that manufacturers of tamper-evident packaging basically produced the same type of bag. This somewhat sleeping industry has produced the same basic product for the last 20 years. Only the security tape at the top of the envelope or bag was further developed. Tamper-evident security packaging companies claim their bags are secure, but, in fact, we discovered the bags could be easily opened and resealed using simple tools leaving virtunally no trace of tampering. Our product, designed and engineered in Israel is the first innovative tamper-evident security packaging that provides real security and guarentees tamper-evidence. Based on patent-pending technology our product solves the very serious deficiancy that currently exists in tamper-evident security products. Today, our product is the most secure and innovative security packaging available.

  Company Name PakLock
  Business Type Manufacturer
  Industry Security & Protection
  Street Address Baltimore St., S. Akko Industrial Zone
  City Akko
  Zip/Postal Code 24101
  Province/State Israel
  Job Title Marketing
  Department Sales
  Name Oren Faircloth
  Phone 011972  46664326
  Fax 011972  6664325
Security Parts & Devices >> Transport Security Verification System >> Material for Special Transport & Equipment
  Main Market North America
  Key Product/Services Tamper-Evident Security Envelopes and Bags
  Web Address

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